Evolution Of Dance Videos: Hip Hop Dance Mix Pulls in 500k Views in 3 Days [VIDEO]

Well this is certainly something unusual: black culture borrowing from white culture. Typically it’s the other way around, fo’shizzle.

Taking a page from Judson Laipply and his YouTube mega-sensation “Evolution of Dance,” these two dancers have set the internet on fire the last couple of days (not literally, of course, I meant figuratively … no, I’m sure these two guys are fine, upstanding gentlemen…), with their lazily-named  (no, not lazy, I didn’t say that… um…  ahh geez, so many eggshells to walk on) “Live Dance Performance to Chris Brown, Michael Jackson, TVXQ….”

I want to like this video … after all over 491,000 people have watched it in the last three days, it’s #4 on YouTube’s “Most Watched Videos of the Day” chart and they are black guys so if I say something less than positive, the message boards will call me a racist. But, man, it is fucking boring. Sure these guys are good dancers, but are they 500,000 views worth of good? Eh. Maybe I’m spoiled, but I feel like you see equally talented dancers get disqualified from “America’s Got Talent” all the time. Maybe then, these views are all from households who don’t have wives that watch annoying, talent-based reality shows? But even if that were the case, the sheer quality of this video should discount it. First, it’s basically from someone holding up a cell phone in the audience, so the quality sucks, and second, apparently “Carlton” from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” is one of the judges, because his big-ass head is right in the shot the entire time.

I just don’t get it. But then, my favorite clip on the internet is of a screaming sheep. So what the hell do I know?

To check out some other dance-related content from the NMR vault, you’ve got to watch this video of “Snoop-Lion’s” (I don’t get this one either) new web series on dance halls and reggae.


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