How YouTube Creators Can Benefit From LinkedIn’s Endorsement Feature

LinkedIn rolled out its endorsements feature late last year which, in a nutshell, lets users “endorse”  a co-worker or friend’s job skills. The feature hasn’t been publicized prominently by LinkedIn, which left many users confused as soon as they started receiving alerts that people had endorsed their skills.

The endorsements feature is akin to tagging someone on Facebook, so if you want to endorse someone, go to their profile and check out their “Skills & Expertise” section. Once you’re there, you’ll see a list that shows skills like “journalism,” “accounting,” etc. If you feel that they deserve your endorsement, hover over the plus button next to their skill and click it. You’ve made your endorsement.

LinkedIn already has something similar called recommendations, where users can write a detailed endorsement of another user based on their experience with a company or their skills. However, the endorsement feature makes it easier for users to recommend someone without having to write a specific reason for their endorsement.

Content creators, especially on YouTube, can make the most of the endorsements features by listing the 10 best skills they have in the “Skills & Expertise” section. Some skills that are worth having endorsed include blogging, social media, video production, writing and acting. By having enough endorsements from your colleagues, you can make your LinkedIn profile look more attractive to recruiters.

Consequently, if you’ve got an endorsement that you’re not willing to share, you can manage them when you edit your profile. Go to the “Skills & Expertise” section and click on “Manage Endorsements.” You can show or hide all your endorsements or you can select which endorsements are relevant to you.

Although getting detailed recommendations gives recruiters an in-depth look at your skills, the endorsements section gives them a glance at your abilities when they don’t have the time to read a 500-word recommendation.