Hulu Launches AdZone Hub in Anticipation of Super Bowl … Ads

If there’s anything as important as seeing which football team will have bragging rights until the next season, it’s checking out which brand will have the most memorable ad. With ad slots going for seven-figures, companies apply pressure on agencies to come up with the most creative and the most talked about commercial for the Super Bowl.

For those who are looking for which ads will broadcast on the Super Bowl, Hulu is again launching its AdZone hub. Viewers can watch all the Super Bowl ads from the past five years and will get to vote on the best Super Bowl commercial of 2013 during the game.

In a company blog post, Hulu said: “As soon as one team takes home the title of Super Bowl champion on Sunday, Feb. 3, we’ll tally the votes and announce your pick for the best ads of Super Bowl 2013 and share our picks for best celebrity cameos, cutest critters and more.”

The Hulu AdZone will also be available for mobile devices, so you can watch little Darth Vader try to stop the Volkswagen with the force anytime, anywhere.

Watch Volkswagen’s “The Bark Side” — Hulu AdZone’s most voted commercial for 2012 — below:

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