Instagram Claims That Data Suggesting A 25% User Base Loss Is ‘Inaccurate’

It hasn’t been a happy holiday for Facebook-owned photo site Instagram. After the photo-sharing site unveiled an updated terms of service, which included a new advertising initiative that hinted at selling users’ photos to advertisers, Twitter turned into a veritable Instagram shitstorm.

Almost instantly, users hit Twitter armed with the hashtag #BoycottInstagram. Since then, Instagram has retracted some of their new terms citing “confusing legal speak” as the real culprit. The advertising snafu seemed all but settled until statistics from application metrics company AppData hinted that Instagram lost 25% of its users in the maelstrom.

According to AppData, the loss in users brought Instagram’s user base of 16.4 million down to 12.4 million in one week.

In response to the data, a spokesperson for Instagram issued a statement to Gizmodo saying, “This data is inaccurate. We continue to see strong and steady growth in both registered and active users of Instagram.”

Instagram is disputing the data based on the fact that AppData gathered the figures from Facebook logins and not Instagram logins.

Over the Holiday, the metrics site reported that other applications saw declines as well, which suggests that Instagram’s mass evacuation was probably not in response to the updated terms of service.

However, additional statics from AppData show that Instagram’s daily active users dropped from an average of around 15,000,000 on December 24 to 10,000,000 on December 31. Although the Holiday season is over, Instagram’s daily active users still seem to be dwindling with each passing day.

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