Internet Explorer YouTube Commercial Makes the Crappy 90’s Seem Crappier [VIDEO]

Seldom will I do a “Hey look at this!” in regard to an actual ad, but I’m feeling nostalgic today and Internet Explorer’s latest YouTube commercial is feeding us all a healthy dose of the shit-ass 90’s.

Having been alive in 4 decades now — the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s, and now the 10’s (jesus, that makes me feel really old), I can honestly say that the 90’s were the worst decade of them all. Kurt Cobain died — that was pretty much it. Look at this commercial even; there wasn’t anything good or fun about that time (except for Super Soakers, umm boy). We all had lousy fashion and worse haircuts. Also, why did we all like “Saved By the Bell” so damn much?

In fact, I daresay that Internet Explorer, with its attempt at pandering to “my generation, has actually made me less likely to use their product because every time they do, I will think of dysentery and slap bracelets. Fuck it, I’m a Chrome man now. Good work, Microsoft, you just lost yourself a user. Now had you appealed to my love of jean jackets, spiked hair and T-Top Camaros, well, then we’d have something to talk about.


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