James Franco, Ashley Benson Mock Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’ in Deleted Video [VIDEO]

It kind of ruins my perception of celebrity when I see famous people do the same dumb shit I do when I’m sitting at home on a Friday night. You are high as shit and you earn millions of dollars per film, James Franco. There has got to be something more awesome to do with your evening than lip sync to Justin Bieber songs. And if there’s not, for god’s sake, man, don’t film it!

James learned this last part a little too late, as he uploaded the video to his WhoSay account and then quickly deleted it. Lucky for you readers, “Blazin’ J Kleem-dawg” (I’m trying out some new nicknames), has the video below. Sure, it’s all over the internet, but since you’re here now, you might as well stick around.

The weird thing is, James’ new girlfriend, the foxy Ashley Benson, used to date the Bieb’s “swagger coach” (yes, that’s a real thing — I was assistant swagger coach for the Dos Equis guy back in the day). So when James Franco and her are running around mocking Justin Bieber and his style, really she is mocking her own none-too-distant past. And James is basically running “sloppy seconds” on Justin Bieber’s swagger coach. No shit, you delete that video.

Still this video achieves a big two thumbs up for making me want to get high.



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