‘Jedi Kitten With The Force’ Is The ‘Star Wars’ Cat Mashup You’ve Always Wanted [VIDEO]

It’s been over a year since the VFX wizards over at Final Cut King released their kitten-infused “Star Wars”-inspired YouTube videos “Jedi Kittens” and “Jedi Kittens Strike Back.”

With over 10 million combined views, the pressure was on Final Cut King’s lightsaber-swinging felines to follow up with something equally memorable. Luckily, “Jedi Kitten with the Force” mixes “Star Wars” fandom with the power of kitten faces almost as well as its viral predecessors.

While it doesn’t hit the mark as well as “Jedi Kittens Strike Back,” the recent Final Cut King upload still delivers a much-needed dose of the ole force choke.

My suggestion for the next Final Cut King “Star Wars” kitten video — anything Jar Jar Binks, that dude was awesome.


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