Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Celebrities Read Mean Tweets’ is Hilariously Delightful, Mostly True [VIDEO]

Running a talk show seems like incredibly hard work. You’ve got to fight the other talk shows for good, interesting celebrities to interview, and you’ve got to come up with funny, original things to say five days a week. Wait a minute, it’s exactly like working for an online magazine! (*Jeff pours some malt liquor out on the curb for his homies in talk shows).

It ain’t easy entertaining the public, so when you stumble across clips like this one, you know everyone’s lives just got a little easier. A viral video of the Jimmy Kimmel Show featuring celebrities reading angry Twitter rants — it’s win-win for everyone! Except the celebs that get mercilessly skewered by all the trolls of the world (especially Jessica Biel who gets saddled [tee-hee, watch the video] with a nasty personal attack and comes out looking better for it). At least they have a pretty good sense of humor about it. And all that sweet, sweet money they make has to be at least a bit of a consolation. People say mean shit about me all the time, but I’m broker than the bathroom attendant at a hobo nightclub (give me a break, remember what I said about that five-days-a-week thing?).

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