Justin Bieber Passes Lady Gaga To Become #1 Most Followed On Twitter

In the land of the blind, the man with one eye is king. In the land of Twitter, the crown now belongs to Justin Bieber.

Jesus, how bout that opener? it seems like the tagline for a bad movie. So, yeah, Biebs is now number one in the micro-blogging game, having just surpassed Lady Gaga for most followers all-time.

Gaga, who ruled the Twittersphere pretty much since the format’s inception, formerly held court with 33.32 million followers worldwide, but today, as the sun rises in social media land, Justin Bieber is sitting pretty at the top of the heap with 33.33 million followers and counting. NMR commends the boy wonder on capturing a medium that several reports have characterized as skewing towards an older demographic and for doing it so recently after he got caught smoking “the herb.” Way to rebound, superstar. With him becoming head banana in the Twitter game, Bieber now gets a seat at the don table with the other heads of the social media mafia including Britney Spears who is #1 on Google+, Kim Kardashian leading Instagram and the assassins Smosh who just became the most-subscribed channel at YouTube.

I am looking to get a seat at that table by becoming the #1 most liked person on Friendster. You all remember them right? Friendster … gonna change the world … anyone?

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