‘Kid President’ Pep Talk Makes Most Sense I’ve Ever Heard [VIDEO]

“I think we all need a pep talk …”

So begins the most heartwarming video I’ve seen this year (so what if it’s only January? This shit is legit). Put out by the good folks at Soul Pancake (a happy life website co-created by Rainn Wilson, he being Dwight Schrute of “The Office”), Kid President is a series of videos featuring the most sensible elementary school kid since I dropped the mic some 20 years ago. Good to see I left it in capable hands.

The most important thing I can ever tell you is: Don’t watch any other “Kid President” videos. Watch and cherish only this one forever. This video succeeds because it comes across as something pure and cute — a little kid in a suit inspiring the world to be better. Watching the pantheon of “Kid President” videos on YouTube though, you begin to see the machinations — the grownups pulling the strings. In another video, “Kid President” does an interview with Rainn (who he “calls” Rainn “Williams”); the interview is conducted over a soup can telephone system and it smacks of all the goddamn phoniness that J.D. Salinger warned us about.

But this here video, this pep talk, it comes across as organic and unforced. Sure this kid probably doesn’t really hang out and disseminate Robert Frost poems, but, somehow, it plays. I would enlist in the military if “Kid President” told me that giant bugs were coming to swarm the Earth, such is the charisma of this perfectly cast junior-Flip-Wilson. It reminds me of a little novelty song/pep talk that came out back when I was probably in grade school, one that reminded me “Everyone’s free to wear sunscreen.” Both that song and now this video are good memories to have.

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