Kid Sinks Blindfold, Full-Court Basketball Shot, Shit-talks Rob Dyrdek. Nice. [VIDEO]

This clip is the reason YouTube was invented.

Well, strictly speaking, clips of this nature are what make video aggregate sites like YouTube important, because clips like these bring people together. Whenever I see my brothers at some family function, we always stay up late at night drinking furniture polish (or alcohol if we have that handy) and showing each other impressive video clips each of us might have not seen (obviously because my job is seeking out amazing video clips, I have a distinct advantage).

This clip is badass not merely because (spoiler alert!) the kid makes the shot, but also because he shit talks Rob Dyrdek in the process. Growing up around skateboard culture, I’ve noticed that Dyrdek has always seemed to have just a little bit more fun than all the skaters. Now that he’s Mr. MTV, he has just a bit more fun than all the other TV personalities. So to see a clip of some entitled rich kid (he goes to a school with “St.” in the title, he’s doing better than you and I) do something great, it just makes my heart soar with glee. Of course, I also root for Donald Trump to do awesome things in life.

Hey, maybe this kid could BE the next Donald Trump? Man, to make the shot, shit talk Rob Dyrdek and go to a private school… and here I am, sitting at work, worried that I’m going to be stuck riding home in the elevator next to that guy who looks like Rob Schneider. I clearly picked the wrong parents.

Hmm, did anyone else notice I went a little schizo back there? Wow, I really drifted from topic to topic. But if you like that sort of randomness, check out this clip of a plane nearly goddamn killing a woman. Intense.