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So let’s imagine you go back to teaching people, but this time you’re teaching a class about being on YouTube. What would be on your lesson plan?

Oh wow, I was not expecting that question. Why do you do that to me? I think the first thing is not so much how to get popular on YouTube, it’s how to deal with failure on YouTube. I think you need to get on the inner person first. Find out why you’re doing it, what’s your purpose, what are you expecting out of it and how to deal with bad people who are going to tear you down for putting out your concept. I think that was one of my mistakes: I didn’t know how bad people could be. I went in here, “Woo, this is going to be fun!” and “Oh my god, they are talking about me!” [laughs] It was like, “What? Why are they tearing me down? I’m just trying to be nice and teach something,” and yeah, it’s bad. Even now, I’m still learning to deal with just the raw negativity of just some random guy sitting in his apartment, just talking about a subject and people like literally hate you for your opinion. If I say I don’t use an Android phone, and I choose to use an iPhone, I’m the worst person on earth to some people. And so I think the class would mainly be about how to deal with that, how to deal with someone not liking your content and liking yourself first and liking what you do primarily. Because once you love what you do, like those comments don’t mean anything which means I’m still working on absolutely loving what I do, and so I can block out all the negativity. Even at my level it’s a process.

How do you handle those haters? Do you just ignore them completely? Do you respond?

I used to do the whole witty thing ‘cause I’m really good at shutting people down [laughs]. The reason I had stopped was because I’ve realized something. I did a flashback to when I was teaching, and I remember I had a kid who was just bad. He was just bad. He just acted out all the time, and I used to keep giving him attention, and he would keep interrupting my class, and I’d be like, “So-and-so, you need to stop.” And then I realized, once I kept doing that, the good kids stopped getting my attention, so they turned bad so they could get my attention. It’s an interesting human psychology how that works. They realized that to get my attention, they needed to act out. So what I started doing was I ignored it, and I started focusing on people, “Oh Jenny, you’re doing so well,” or “Jack, good job.” And then what it made him do, “Oh crap, I’m not getting attention anymore,” but he would start sitting up and doing this, and I’d be like, “Alright, good job, John. Keep it up,” and it worked every single time. So I tried to apply it to YouTube. I largely try to ignore because if they know they are going to get my attention they’ll go out of their way to flatter me, even if they’re lying. At least they’re pretending like they’re acting good, so I’m really learning the psychology. I could teach a whole course in psychology on YouTube; it’s crazy. If it gets too malicious or it gets racist or anything, which happens, or it just gets too out of hand, I’ll just block and remove and forget about them. I try not to have it come to that.

In your many years on YouTube, what has been the most innovative gadget out there?

Yeah, I mean I got to say the tablets kind of changed everything. There was always smartphones going up, and the iPhone was out, and Android was out, and I was a fan of all of that. But I think the tablet just surprised everyone ‘cause when they first came out I laughed at it, like, “No one’s going to use that. What the hell? What do I need a tablet for?” And then I got one, and then the clouds parted and I started to see what this device does, this intermediary, and it really works. I can sit on the couch and use that. I think this is the year. People were curious about them last year, but this is the year people are really starting to get them because Google came out with their own. Ipad Mini came out, and so the tablet to me has been the biggest innovation in consumer tech.

Which one do you have right now?

I have the iPad Mini, and I had the iPad too. What happened is when it came out I was like, “Who wants the Mini?” I was being cynical. Whatever. I went in the Apple store, and I was like, “I’m just going to look at it, take a picture and Instagram and laugh at it. Look at this little thing!” So I put it in my hand to take the picture, and as soon as I put it in my hand and I paused, and 20 minutes later I was walking out with one. I was like, “Wait, what? I just spent 600. I don’t know what happened!” It’s like I opened up the reading guide, and I was like, “Yes, this is the form factor that works.” I take it everywhere, I love it. It’s my child, so don’t harm it. I see you looking at it. Just keep it over there. I’m warning you.

One more question. You claim you’re a pizza expert. Where is the best pizza place in the world to you?

Well, I’m going to give homage to my place that I grew up on in Chicago. It’s this place in the north side of Chicago called Renaldi’s Pizza. It’s been there since I was about 4 or 5. They have the best tasting sausage and cheese pizza ever. Ever! No one makes it better, and it tastes the same from when I was 5 to now when I’m 19 — no, 35 — I keep forgetting my age. So when I left Chicago I made sure I ate as much as I can before I got here. I got one more chance. I don’t know when I’m going to get back to Chicago. I went there, just pigged out as much as I could.

Can you get it frozen? Can you just ship it?

They don’t have that kind of service. Yeah, there is a place called Giordanos which is my second. That’s the best deep dish, and I think they do do frozen, so if I ever need a pizza that bad. There are some good places here too. I’ve been impressed by L.A. pizza.

Where would you say in L.A.?

I mean, there’s a couple. There’s one in the Hollywood area — Yammi’s Pizza is good. There is Big Mamas, but I haven’t discovered anything else yet. I’ve been too busy eating Fatburger as you can see. I got in trouble with the audience because I said I don’t love In-N-Out, and I was like, “I’m not saying it’s bad, but I prefer.” It’s like Android Apple; you cannot say anything bad about In-N-Out here. I learned the hard way: they chased me down the street. I’ve only been once since I’ve been here. There is one not far from here, and it’s like whatever. I pass by it and go to Fatburger.


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