LIVE NOW: ‘John and Hank Green: An Evening of Awesome’ Sells Out Carnegie Hall

[UPDATE] Watch the event live below!

In the world of fraternal excellence, no two brothers are dominating more than Hank and John Green (a week ago I would have said Peyton and Eli Manning, but, well, you know how the playoffs went). On the heels of a wildly successful round of fundraising for their charity Project For Awesome, Hank and John have set their sites on Carnegie Hall.

Live today, Hank and John Green will be hitting the pride of Midtown Manhattan for the “John and Hank Green: An Evening of Awesome” event. One year after the release of John Green’s critically acclaimed book “The Fault in Our Stars,” “John and Hank Green: An Evening of Awesome” will host a variety of special guests and musicians including John Darnielle of phenomenal folk rock band The Mountain Goats.

We caught up with one-half of the VlogBrothers Hank Green who had this to say about the now sold out Carnegie Hall appearance:

“I think I can sum up my feelings about the show at Carnegie pretty easily…honored and terrified. Selling out wasn’t a huge surprise, we’ve sold out a lot of venues before, but just getting the chance to play Carnegie is a huge honor…we’re taking it very seriously and that responsibility is pretty intense.”

For those of you not lucky enough to nab tickets, save your tears — the event will be live streamed at the VlogBrothers YouTube channel. Green spoke about the success of their live-streamed events saying, “I’m even more astounded by the number of livestream events across the world. Viet Nam, Puerto Rico, The UK, etc. An event in Washington will be at maximum capacity of 300 people! And we won’t even be there!”

You can check out the “John and Hank Green: An Evening of Awesome” today at 7 p.m. EST on the VlogBrothers YouTube channel.

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