Machinima & SexuaLobster Team Up For Animated Series ‘SPACE ADVENTURE LEGEND QUEST’

There is a lot of magic being weaved between the celluloid sheets (or whatever the Flash-based animation equivalent is) of Chris Voigt and Machinima’s latest animated series “SPACE ADVENTURE LEGEND QUEST.” Pulling deeply from the inspirational wells of Adult Swim shows like “Sealab 2021” and “Metalocalypse,” this brainchild of Voigt is a mind-bending dip into the depths of inter-dimensional space travel.

“SPACE ADVENTURE LEGEND QUEST” follows the walrus-obsessed (it’ll make sense later, well, no it probably won’t) Captain Drake and his crew as they attempt to find an inhabitable home for the cryogenically slumbering last members of the human race. Of course, as these things happen, Drake and crew more often than not end up sidetracked at, in the case of episode one, a space beach party.

Voigt, who for years has been doing animation on YouTube under the moniker SexuaLobster, spoke with me recently about “SALQ” and here’s what I learned:

1. Musical adventures involving a “space walrus” are totally and unequivocally enchanting.

2. This will most likely be the last time anyone answers one of my interview questions with  “Skwisgaar Skwigelf.” Why can’t they all be like this?



You’ve been doing animation on YouTube since 2006. What made you decide to partner with Machinima now?

Chris Voigt: When I was first on Youtube I used it more to upload live action things.  The quality was so low I didn’t see it becoming a very large viewing platform for flash animations.  In my case I didn’t work out how to make half decent video files of my cartoons until 2009, and even in 2010 I think all my videos only had just over 100,000 views together, so I was very slow to get started.

Anyway to answer your question, I’ve been with Machinima for almost 2 years.  When they first contacted me I didn’t know what an ad network was and it had to be explained to me.

In one sentence, tell us what “SPACE ADVENTURE LEGEND QUEST” is all about.

SALQ is about an incompetent and dysfunctional crew searching for a habitable planet for the surviving members of the human race.

You just put out “Space Walrus” starring “SPACE ADVENTURE LEGEND QUEST’s” Captain Drake. What the hell is going on in this video and why did you make it?

Space Walrus is the first of 3 musical adventures by Captain Drake.  Not so much in the first 7 episodes, but in episodes 9-12 Captain Drake’s dark, singing filled past comes into play.  So if that part of the series is never made then I guess the two strands will never be connected or explained.  Also his fondness for Walruses will be revealed in Episode 4.

Flash based animation has become a huge staple on YouTube. Why do you think so many animators go to Flash to make their projects?

I think Flash is popular because it meets most cartooning requirements, is easy to use and you can be very fast once you get the hang of it.  It’s terrible at handling bitmap images, it has no 3D camera and it is pretty limited with the kind of 2D effects you can use (although to be fair I haven’t tried the latest version).  If these things are important to you then you can use ToonBoom or After Effects, or use them all together.

If you could be any cartoon character who would you be?

I’m tempted to go with someone who can fly and do cool stuff, but I’m going to say Skwisgaar Skwigelf from “Metalocalypse.”