‘Magic of Rahat’ Goes Trippy Viral With ‘Ghost Car’ Prank [VIDEO]

My old buddy Rahat (check out our Skype interview here) is back with a whole new trick that takes on the easily dumbfounded employees of McDonald’s. And this one’s pretty damn hilarious.

Requiring just a bit more setup than your average magic trick/prank, Rahat has crafted a car seat body cover to wear as he cruises the local McDonald’s drive-thrus. It’s the same trick stunt people use in movies when they want to give the impression that no one is driving the car. By reclining the actual seat and sitting perfectly still, Rahat’s trickery effectively conveys the appearance of a magically mobile vehicle. Of course the real meat of this illusion is in pulling this prank on fast food employees who are quick to blame “El Diablo!” as opposed to something more logical. In fact, check out the one girl who is so certain the Rapture has gone off without her, she breaks down in tears.

For most of these people, Rahat is not exactly dealing with Mensa applicants, but you’ve got to go where the easily beguiled congregate. And in this case, it happens to be McDonald’s. Actually, in most cases of befuddlement, the victims tend to be employed by McDonald’s … or Walmart. For extra-stupid people, I assure you one typically need go no further than a McDonald’s inside a Walmart. That’s like finding the pot of “dummy” gold at the end of the “stupid” rainbow. Or the “moronic” needle in the “unenlightened” haystack. Or the “idiot” weasel in the” dense” henhouse. You get the point … or maybe you don’t if you work for McDonald’s.

Sorry, they screwed up my order the other day, and as a chump-ass writer, my only conceivable revenge is to mock all McDonald’s employees from the safety of my laptop. Forget to give me napkins with my McRib (okay fine, you win: McRibs), now feel my wrath!



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