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There is an argument that companies say to gaming sites, “We’ll give you guys the first look at it this so you can be the first to release a review, but you guys pump up the review a little bit. Instead of a 9, give us a 9.5.” Do you think that’s something that’s corrupting the industry?

RB: I mean, I don’t know of any specific examples or anything like that but I believe that happens. And that is of course shifty in it’s nature.

DA: I know for a fact it happens. I was drinking with some people at a party; they told me some things. They told me all about it.

It was the staff at Entertainment Weekly.

DA: [Laughs] It was. I don’t think that ruins anything though ‘cause the internet is so vast; you can find honest journalists out there.

But then that kind of brings up how do you know if someone is just some fucking guy off the street whose opinion is insane versus this professional reviewer? Whose opinion do you really listen to? How do you know when to judge?

DA: Well, just go to the YouTube comments because they are experts on anything.

RB: They get the most balanced view on anything.

DA: It’s almost at this point now where everybody has this opinion and everybody on the internet thinks they’re an expert on things. And in a way people are very educated; they can read a lot about a subject, and they can have a valid opinion. I think it’s more about people finding someone that they trust that has the same taste as them, like maybe this person isn’t the definitive opinion but I trust if they say a game is good, I’m going to like it, me personally. I think that people will find that and be happy.

You were mentioning Corridor Digital and FreddieW: A lot of their videos are kind of tinted with violence from this kind of violent industry of video games. You guys grew up playing video games, and there is an argument of desensitization towards violence from playing video games your whole life. Do you guys feel desensitized from violence because of video games, or is tht just the media world that you grew up in?

RB: I don’t know. I personally wouldn’t point that directly at video games necessarily. It’s hard for me to say ‘cause my upbringing and even just my life now, I was never really playing those games anyway. For me, playing videogames it was always like I would always be more brought in by the Katamaries of the world. I never played “Mortal Kombat,” I wasn’t really into “Call of Duty” or anything like that, so I don’t know personally.

SC: I think I’m desensitized to video game violence and violence in movies. I don’t think I’m desensitized to real world violence, and also I don’t think video games make people more violent. And I think if you were to go to a prison and find the most violent murderers in there and ask them what video games they played, their answer would be none or “Tetris.”

RB: Or “Dino Riki.” Take that game off the market now!

SC: What you see on YouTube can be way worse than what you see in a video game, because that’s real. Like video games, everyone is in on this knowing that this is just fiction or whatever.

DA: Yeah, and if you don’t know that, video games aren’t the problem.

SC: You can see people dying all over the place on YouTube, and it’s just like, okay, that’s the real problem if there is a problem.

What would be the ultimate game for you guys to be made?

RB: I was just talking about this with someone the other day. Every movie in this franchise has made money regardless of what anyone thinks. They always make money, so why couldn’t it work for video games? There has never been a badass “Planet of the Apes” game, and listen, you’re the one human in this planet of apes. Think about that!

SC: Think about that!

RB: Soak it in, and you make that a stealth like give that to Konami Productions. Give it to them, and you’re the one human sneaking amongst this world of apes, this world that has forgotten you. To them you’re an animal and you got to sneak through it, and it’s set to that Jerry Goldsmith score so it’s like [sings score]. Makes noises like that. Make that.

SC: They need to make a game, getting back to the topic we were just talking about, a game that’s super violent where you are like a serial killer, where you just need to stalk regular people outside their house and you’ll like cut their electrical box and when they come out, “Oh, what happened to the electricity? Wow, knife to the throat!” You rip them wide open, extra points! Or a game where you’re like Dracula and you’re like stalking the streets looking for new, vile young women to seduce and take back to your castle.

DA: I think it would be a great game just like where you’re a hardcore villain and not “GTA,” well, I guess “GTA” is kind of like that, but more thematic. “GTA” with more of a like imposed theme.

SC: We’ve been talking for a long time that it would be awesome — this isn’t really about me, I guess — but like a Civil War game or something like that where it’s just like “Call of Duty.” I’m so tired of fighting the same fights over and over and over again. I guess “Assasin’s Creed 3” is finally changing it up a little bit with being where it’s at. Just like more focused on American history and stuff like that would be super cool.

DA: If they made “Call of Duty Civil War” and you like load cannons and ride horses and you have like bayonets instead of the knife.

RB: Brother against brother, you want to play that game? I do. That’s rough.

SC: And then the final mission, Ford’s Theatre. You save the president.

What can we expect to see from you guys in the future on your channel?

RB: Next year is kind of like our 10th anniversary so maybe stuff that’s kind of special for that maybe, you know. I think we never really know. I think that’s why we have been around so long and we’re not tired of it. Other people watching aren’t tired of it. We kind of never know what the next thing we’re putting out is; we don’t follow any kind of formula every week.

SC: We just put out two DVDs on Black Friday, two at once. Now we’re taking a break.

DA: But I think this year we will be focused a lot on our fans. They’ve stuck with us for so many years now that I feel like we are so grateful to that. We just like to make things that they like to see and continue that.


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