MelodySheep aka John Boswell Talks Science, Music and Jack White with NMR [INTERVIEW]

You know, it’s taken me a few months of doing Skype interviews to figure it out, but if you watch the way I jerk and move while asking questions, I look like a bearded version of the Numa Numa kid. Christ, that’s not good.

I was excited on this interview though because I got to sit down with the innovative musician MelodySheep and pick his brain about biology, TED (the conference, not the movie by the “Family Guy” creator), and how music can interact with, and be influenced by science. So if you’re kind of a geek, this is a good interview to watch. Consequently, if you’re not a geek, this is a good interview to watch because you could learn some good, down-to-earth, Pacific Northwest humility from this laid-back Washington guy.

John Boswell, the face behind MelodySheep, is a creator on the rise, and so it is enlightening to talk with him before he peaks, as it allows us, the audience, to glimpse what a portion of our musical landscape is going to look like in the near future. And I, for one, am excited. Especially if that future doesn’t include autotune.

What is especially exciting is that John not only creates content for the online demographic, but also utilizes new media to help promote the medium. His success with Kickstarter to fund his concept album “Terra Lumina” not only demonstrates the value of the funding site, but gives hope to other aspiring dreamers. And geek or not, that is something you can use.

So sit tight, eat some Raisinettes (or don’t, if you want to avoid looking like the Numa Numa kid!), and get your learning on.

Oh, and he’s right: old “Family Guy” rules, new “Family Guy” sucks.



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