Miss Alabama Gains 225,000 Fans On Twitter Following Monday Football Game [VIDEO]

On Monday, Miss Alabama Katherine Webb had, by her own count, roughly 2,000 Twitter followers. Now, she has 227,848 (and it’s still going up). What a difference a little national TV exposure makes. Also, being hot as fuck doesn’t hurt.

All Webb, the girlfriend of A.J. McCarron, quarterback for the University of Alabama’s football team, had to do was sit in the stands while her boyfriend and his team cruised to their 2nd National Championship in as many years. And now she’s a viral star, trending on Google and Twitter. Hell, even the YouTube video of her in the stands has logged over 412,000 views.

Webb first caught the attention of ESPN analyst Brent Musberger who repeatedly gushed over how beautiful the former Miss USA contestant was during his commentary of a dull game. His remarks, plus numerous TV cuts to the brunette hottie stirred the blood of American males in a way we haven’t seen since Jenn Starger, and Pamela Anderson before that. Of course, both girls, who were also spotted in the stands by TV cameras while at football games, went on to pose in Playboy, so … fingers crossed.

While Webb is flattered by all the newfound attention, her boyfriend is less receptive — particularly now that she’s attracted some high profile admirers including Darnell Dockett, defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals. Dockett caused a viral stir of his own when he tweeted his actual phone number to her and then invited her to go to Wing Stop with him after the game. He followed that tweet up moments later with another one saying he intended for that to go to her direct message.

Funny how she doesn’t stand out in a room full of 49 other (Miss USA) contestants, but put her alone in the stands at a football game, and suddenly the world can’t get enough.



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