Plane Nearly Kills Woman On Runway [MUST WATCH VIDEO]

This will one day be an ad for adult diapers.

In the competition for what has to be the closest “near hit” (a “near miss” would be a collision, Poindexter) between a person and an airplane ever filmed, I humbly submit this clip.

On second thought, there is nothing humble about it. Hot christ! Talk about near-death experiences, these two people narrowly avoid becoming seagull food after a plane attempts to land while they are fucking around (no, not literally; this clip is SFW) on an airport runway. After she comes a hair’s width from being hacked apart, all the woman can say is “Oh my God!” No shit lady, no shit.

The Press Freedom, the YouTube account responsible for uploading the video, estimates that the plane is travelling approximately 200 mph hour as it twists inches from the ground to avoid what would certainly be a multiple-fatalities collision that would make Vic Morrow proud.

Clearly this is the video that proves that old rule from childhood: “Pulling wheelies on a quad at the airport will result in the near-death of everyone you know.” What, your parents didn’t say that to you? That’s just bad parenting then.



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