Must-Watch Video: TV Police Chase Becomes Crazy Interactive

I think one thing resonates above all else when you watch this fantastic YouTube video: Why the hell is this guy filming his tv in the first place?

I think that the logical answer is that he recognizes the area being broadcast on the TV, and wanted to do that sort of “Hey honey, look what happened last night!” maneuver, and shit just got a whole lot more awesome. Here, the “why” isn’t nearly so impressive as the “what,” but I don’t want to give too much away.

This video reminds me of a scene out of the movie “The Goonies” in which Mouth turns off an action-packed TV cop show only to be baffled when he still hears police sirens — damn it, Mouth, it’s the Fratellis!

Sure this is a puff video, but it’s short and pleasant — wow, sounds like something your girlfriend tells you, huh? Ooh hard burn from the writer. Walk it off, tiny.



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