Netflix, YouTube Team Up On DIAL Smartphone/TV Pairing To Compete With Apple’s AirPlay

Netflix is getting support from the BBC, Hulu, Samsung and Sony in its collaboration with YouTube in creating a network that seamlessly connects mobile and television devices together, according to GigaOm.

DIAL — or “discovery and launch” — helps second-screen apps search and launch applications that work on smart televisions or other connected devices like set-top boxes and game consoles.

The DIAL platform should make pairing mobile phones and smart TVs a one-button process without manually opening up apps and making sure both devices are compatible. It automatically discovers which Netflix app is available using Wi-Fi and opens them up. If DIAL can’t find the app, it sends you to your app store where you can download it, and the two devices are left to sync and share information.

YouTube already announced earlier this month that it has its own mobile/smart TV pairing in the works, so their platform will probably be covered once the DIAL platform goes live.

The Netflix-YouTube collaboration on DIAL would directly compete with Apple’s AirPlay platform, which is similar to DIAL in that it connects mobile and television devices together, but different in that only Apple hardware are compatible. DIAL is open to all second-screen app developers, but unlike AirPlay, screen-sharing abilities are not available at the moment.

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