New Snoop Lion-Produced Web Series ‘NOISEY JAMAICA’ Follows Dancehall, Reggae Culture

In his more than 20 years in the limelight, Snoop Dogg has transformed from gangsta rapper representing Long Beach to a Top 40 superstar living the good life.

Last year, he had an “epiphany” and told his fans that from then on, his name would be Snoop Lion and that he would make dancehall and reggae music. I thought at first it was a publicity stunt to hype his upcoming album “Reincarnated,” and that maybe, just maybe, it was going to be a very long joke like when Joaquin Phoenix announced a few years ago that he was quitting acting to become a hip-hop artist.

Unfortunately for the hip-hop fans out there, his Snoop Lion schtick is here to stay. He is producing a web series filmed in Jamaica for Vice’s Noisey YouTube channel called “NOISEY JAMAICA Dancehall Show” that will debut next Tuesday. The ten-part series follows the lives of Jamaica’s dancehall musicians such as Beenie Man, Tifa, Dre Skull and Shabba Ranks.

Snoop Lion has been increasingly active on YouTube, especially since he signed with Maker Studios last summer. Recent viral video hits featuring the rapper-turned-reggae artist include the music video with DeStorm Power called “Pocket Like It’s Hot” promoting Hot Pockets and appearing as Moses in an episode of “Epic Rap Battles of History.”

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