NMR First Look: YouTube’s L.A. Creator Lab Winter Class of 2013

“Scrumtrulescent” doesn’t begin to describe the pop culture potential for the next few years as NMR brings you your VERY FIRST LOOK  at the selected candidates for the 2013 Winter class of YouTube Creators. Culled from thousands of submissions, these 23 inductees will be allowed free access to the YouTube Space — a brand new 41,000 square foot warehouse just outside of Los Angeles proper, filled with every kind of creator toy imaginable. From editing bays and soundstages to equipment and props, the YouTube Space will act as a sort of think tank for these selected online creatives to interact and collaborate for the betterment of YouTube-based entertainment. Nice!

It’s a strong and diverse group of creators too — several musicians, comedians and gamers fill out the ranks, while there are additionally some fun, offbeat channels that are sure to benefit from the Creator Space’s Willy Wonka-esque world of pure imagination. The oddballs include a street magician, a show called “Why Would You Eat That?” and an awesome animated show.

While all the YouTubers selected are established creators who deserve to be there, this inaugural class is comprised of an assortment of up-and-comers as well as established YouTube presences such as NMR faves Taryn Southern, Olga Kay and John Elerick. Just imagine the cross-pollinating and cameos you’re going to see from these shows now! It’s sure to be a giant YouTube-style love-in. And possibly some good drama too! The bottom line is, all the candidates will be benefitting from the space by moving their channels up a level — be it learning how to use a green screen or by adding another  1,000 subscribers. Or 100,000.

So check out the who’s-who of talent and find some amazing new content to subscribe to along the way. And who knows, you might just discover your own unique voice that gets you in here one day?



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