OKCupid Wants to Send You On A ‘Crazy Blind Date’

You ever been on a bad blind date?
Well OKCupid wants to send you on the worst blind date. The company has unveiled plans for a mobile app that will allow you to push a button on your phone and select a random person in your area for a true blind date. Here you won’t have the benefit of friends assuring you that he/she is healthy, sane or not Rodney Alcala, the serial killer who went on the blind date-esque “Dating Game” and won! So you’ve got that going for you.
First suggested to OKCupid founder Sam Yagan by an old college buddy (I clearly went to the wrong college), the app was tried a few years ago as a web-based option by the company, but failed as not enough people had smartphones to make it a viable mobile option. Clearly times have changed. “People want instant gratification. It’s the trajectory of the industry,” says Yagan. Naturally, you have to be enrolled with OKCupid to use the application.

The app, which is called Crazy Blind Date, is available for free to mobile Android and iPhone users (sorry Windows phone assholes), and works by allowing you to choose a location and a time (“bedroom,” “midnight”) and then pairs you up with four people who are available and somewhat compatible with your interests (“bukkake” and “chili”). You actually do get photos, ages, and some info, but the photo is scrambled up like a Picasso painting, so good luck with that.

Afterwards, you go on the app and “rate the date” and are then charged $1-$3 based on how well the date went. No telling how much you get charged if you are hacked up and then dumped into a water reservoir. Hopefully, it’s nothing though, because that would suck.