Old Men Singing ‘Lion King’ At A Tim Horton’s is Downright Canadian, Eh! [VIDEO]

There is something insanely pleasant about walking into a Tim Horton’s (which is essentially the Canadian version of a Denny’s) and discovering a bunch of old guys crooning out really harmonized versions of “Lion King” songs. Down here in L.A., old guys only sing if they’re trying to lure children into their rape vans.

The men, a group of retirees who apparently get together every Monday and just sing for the hell of it, are captured in this video by YouTube creator Danfi Parker as they belt out “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” And everything about it is just pleasant (honest to god, that is the only word I can think of to describe this lemon party).

I went to Canada only once, and I was young, but my memory of it seems to tie in with this video beautifully. I remember the air was crisp, the streets were littered only with trees and singing birds, and every stranger was just a friend I hadn’t met. Of course, I’ve smoked a lot of weed and watched a lot of Disney movies between that vacation and now, so maybe I’m romanticising things a bit. But not if this video has anything to say about it. Sing on, ya hosers, sing on.



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