Oscar-Nominated Disney Short Animated Film ‘Paperman’ Debuts On YouTube [VIDEO]

If you watched “Wreck It Ralph” in theaters late last year, you may have noticed the retro-esque short animated film that was screened alongside it. Disney has released “Paperman,” which has been getting much buzz  as of late, on its Disney Animation YouTube channel.

Using very little dialogue and mixing hand-drawn animation with CGI graphics, “Paperman” follows an office worker who meets an attractive woman as they wait for the next train. When an unexpected accident gives the man something sealed with a kiss, he is determined to find her. He finds the attractive woman later across the street and attempts to contact her by throwing paper planes.

Since the short animated film was featured alongside “Wreck It Ralph,” “Paperman” has received a nomination for Best Short Animated Film at the 85th Academy Awards.

Check out this budding romantic tale in this video below:


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