Ouch: Facebook Poke drops Out of Top 700 in Free Apps After Only One Month

You kids wanna see a dead body?

These days, for just such an experience, you need look no further than Facebook’s “Poke” application. While Laptop magazine just rated it a better product than its chief competitor, Snapchat, the app-hungry public doesn’t quite see the competition as anywhere near that close. You see, according to App Annie, a tracking site for such statistics, Facebook Poke isn’t even in the top 700 of free apps (currently #706). Hell, even my jailbait-tracker app is doing better than that.

Some analysts might say that Poke, which is barely a month old, is “young,” and that we need to “give it time.” The other, wiser more respected talking heads need only point out that this is a Facebook product that started its life in the number one position. And a week later was already out of the top 25. Small products with no advertising budget deserve “time.” My jailbait tracker deserves “time.” Poke has Facebook backing it — it doesn’t deserve time.  I guess the only relevant question left is, what the hell killed the Poke?

This isn’t a dying medium issue — Snapchat recently jumped up to the #3 spot amongst most downloaded free apps (but has since fallen to a much more consistent #14 position). So clearly, there is a fanbase for photos-as-dialogue style media. And if there is a fan base, and if a respectable publication like Facebook Weekly — err — Laptop Magazine called Poke the superior product, the only question left is: Has Facebook become uncool?

Facebook has not responded for this article by press time, but we will keep you updated as to what reasoning they might have (if any) for the reason their app dropped faster than their stock prices.

So for the time being, most of you early adopters who jumped on the app the first day out, looks like you’re just stuck poking yourselves.

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