‘People Are Awesome 2013’ Helps You Crush Your Enemies, Achieve Your Dreams [VIDEO]

If I, say, belonged to the naturally aggressive Saiyan warrior race from “Dragon Ball,” and I was looking for something to pump me up so much I went Super Saiyan, I would look no further than “PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2013.”

The sequel to Dan Rice of the group Hadouken’s! “People Are Awesome” is 75 clips of everything and anything that will give you the motivation to crush your enemies, wrestle a bear and go Super Saiyan. Oh shit, someone is trying it now.

If someone has been hassling you recently, watch this video and then knock on their door and uppercut them through the goddamn roof.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go throw light bulbs at a wall until I calm down.