Photo of Baby Reaching Out of Womb During Delivery Goes Viral on Facebook

Newborn babies in first photos usually show off a cute, awkward sort of expression. They’re either sleeping, or they’re posing with the confused gaze that comes from having no idea how they ended up in a brightly-lit maternity ward.

Nevaeh Atkins, however, will have a much different first photo to remember. A photo snapped by her dad back in October as she reached out of her mother’s womb and held her doctor’s hand went viral on Facebook. More than 10,000 people viewed the photo and has close to 1,200 likes as of today.

On the Facebook page for her photography business, Alicia Atkins, Nevaeh’s mother, summed up this moment in three simple sentences: “Truly amazing. I am in awe of this photo. Something to remember forever.”

Husband Randy Atkins described how he snapped the viral photo to “The doctor called me over and said, ‘Hey, she’s grabbing my finger.’ So I ran over there and just grabbed the shot and I was just in awe looking at it.  It was such an amazing picture.”

Since the photo went public last week, Alicia said she and her husband were surprised that the photo, which was originally supposed to be shared with family and friends, went viral and added that she’s been getting offers to buy the photo.

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