Rain, Sleet, Snow: 4 Things YouTube Creators Must Know When Filming In Bad Weather

Say you have a great idea for a web series that involves some outdoor filming, but as much as you plan for it to go smoothly, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. Even in consistently sunny Los Angeles, the weather could always turn sour rendering a whole day of shooting ruined.

Avoid Mother Nature’s cruel embrace with these four things to remember when shooting YouTube videos in adverse weather conditions.

Always Expect The Unexpected

Depending on where you live, the weather can change at the drop of a hat. If you have a good feeling that the forecast is cloudy with a chance of showers, plan your filming schedule accordingly. Consider the time it takes to gets to the site, pre-production and other factors.

Protect Your Equipment

The elements can be cruel when it comes to your filming schedule, but neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night should totally stop you from creating your video. Make sure that your filming equipment is protected from the rain or other adverse weather conditions. Invest in a camera rain jacket and a cover for your microphone when you’re filming in the rain. If you’re about to film in hot weather, ensure that your equipment doesn’t heat up and never leave it in a hot vehicle.

Know About Your Lighting

It can be difficult filming in the rain or snow, especially when the raw footage doesn’t come out the way you like it. Make sure that your lighting works well in the rain. If you don’t want the rain to distract your final product, it’s best to tone down the artificial lighting because strong lighting will make raindrops look prominent.

Re-Schedule Your Shoot

This is the nuclear option, but your safety is very important. Even after taking all the precautions necessary to film in adverse conditions, the rain, snow or winds may be too much to handle. Unless your web series is about extreme weather conditions or you’re trying to recreate “Singing In The Rain,” find a suitable time to reschedule your shoot when the weather is in your favor.

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