Red Bull Launches First Scripted YouTube Series, “Exit Vine”

Red Bull Media House will debut a new web series about the Hollywood dream titled “Exit Vine” this Monday on their YouTube channel.

“Exit Vine” follows a singer-songwriter named Natalie Lake who moves from Ames, Iowa to find stardom in a Los Angeles rock band. In the trailer for the upcoming web series, Natalie, portrayed by Hannah Mulholland, talks about her dreams of making it in Hollywood: “Ames, Iowa isn’t the most exciting place to grow up, but I did learn two things there. One, I’m a rock star and two, I’m gonna start acting like one.”

What sets this web series apart is how it receives user input to determine what happens next in the series. Viewers get to choose what happens next for Natalie and her band. The most voted on plot point determines the series’ direction.

Check out the trailer for “Exit Vine” below.

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