Reddit Boasts 37 Billion Page Views in 2012

If you’re looking for random memes of cats or to witness rare moments of generosity, look no further than the popular internet destination Reddit.

Reddit recently announced that it had another great year when it comes to pageviews. According to the site’s official blog, in 2012, Reddit had 37 billion page views and around 400 million unique visitors.

Also in the same blog post was a list of the 10 most viewed Reddit posts of 2012, with President Barack Obama’s Ask Me Anything (AMA) appearance in August taking the #1 spot. TheNextWeb reports that the AMA itself had more than 5.5 million page views and garnered more than 24,000 comments. Other posts that made the list included AMAs from Snoop Lion and PSY, and threads titled “What’s your ‘picture you can’t see without laughing’?” and “What’s your favorite picture on the whole Internet?”

Reddit has grown tremendously in the past two years despite its simplistic interface and competition from other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Their monthly page views grew from 1 billion in February 2011 to 3.8 billion in October 2012. Expect their monthly page views to rise in 2013 if users continue churning out hilarious and thought-provoking posts.

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