Reddit CEO Guilty of Reading, Posting Arch-Nemesis 9gag’s Content

Reddit CEO Yishan Wong has committed an unpardonable forum sin — he touted the competition.

In a move that has left the posters of Reddit rabidly discussing various aspects of “The Lion King” (don’t ask, it’s Reddit), Wong, the relatively new CEO of the opinionated social media forum posted what he thought was an acceptable share — turns out, it wasn’t. In the Reddit communities’ eyes, what Wong did could be likened to Israel’s president saying, “You know, some of those Palestinian women are pretty goddamn hot.”

Wong’s apparent sin was, early this morning, he posted a 9gag image to his personal Facebook account. Hilariously, the image was that of a young Christopher Walken resembling Scarlett Johannsson — an image that is going to shape my mastabatory habits in strange and exciting ways. But for redditors, the move was a palpable offense and resulted in an outpouring of negative comments after an Imgur snapshot of the posting shot to the number one spot on Reddit’s storied “front page” (since “disappeared,” perhaps creating the bigger controversy). Those comments were in addition to (and less popular than, it should be noted) that whole “Lion King” discussion, that is. The bottom line is that many Reddit users feel Wong betrayed them by even reading “that other site,” much less finding content funny enough to bear his reposted comment of “Whoa.”

9gag is frequently viewed as Reddit’s arch-nemesis in the world of social media forums, but apparently Wong doesn’t see it that way (9gag, meanwhile, gleefully republished Wong’s snafu as well, to a much different reception). NMR reached out to the Reddit CEO for some clarification as to how he — and the Reddit staff at large — felt the two forums could interact and “share” cyberspace, but attempts to reach him were not returned by our publishing deadline. If we hear from Reddit on the matter, we’ll update (swear to God, they took this post down after I sent the email … pretty suspicious).

Wong assumed the mantle of CEO in March of 2012, and if some of those redditors have their way, he won’t make it a year. Of course, if some of those redditors had their way, the Goatse guy would be put on our nation’s flag.

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