Shay Carl Experiences Fan Backlash After Asking For 250K To Fund Documentary Film

Hundreds of angry commenters made their voices heard after YouTube celebrity and Maker Studios co-founder Shay Carl uploaded an iPhone video last week asking for donations for a documentary film.

The film “I’m Vlogging Here” is currently on the last leg of an $180,000 indiegogo fundraising campaign, which was recently lowered from 250k. Carl uploaded a video on January 17 apologizing for not posting about the fundraising campaign earlier. At the time of Carl’s upload, the campaign had only 15 days left.

The Maker co-founder explains the late nature of his upload saying, “I should have made this video before we made this fundraising campaign go live. That was my mistake. That was my zealousness taking the best of me.”


The official “I’m Vlogging Here” Indiegogo page explains that the feature-length documentary film will “delve into what vlogging is, the rise of YouTube creators, and how vlogging has changed the lives of the vloggers, the viewers, and the industry itself.”

If successfully funded, “I’m Vlogging Here” will be made in conjunction with Carl and production company ApprenticeEh who will be working with YouTube network Maker Studios.

Almost immediately after the video went live, commenters began pouring in and voicing their disappointment. One commenter writes:

Following suit, the majority of commenters have since piled on adding their own criticisms. One viewer writes “I liked it when stuff used to be much simpler than this.” The majority of comments imploring Carl to respond to the negative feedback have turned to an overall feeling of disenchantment, as one commenter writes:

While Carl has still yet to officially respond on YouTube or otherwise, the film’s director Corey Vidal updated the campaign page today with a frequently asked question section saying, “We know there has been a lot of questions about the campaign, and questions about the documentary itself.”

This is only the second campaign update from the film’s creators who, before the public backlash, had not updated the campaign at all.

Interestingly, in the upload, Carl explains, “Once you get products and brands and other people’s money like investors, investors of Maker Studios, Maker Studios’ money, all of a sudden it becomes part of their thing.” He adds, “At the end of the day I wanted to make the movie I wanted to make without anyone else being able to say ‘you know, it should be like this.’ And that’s why we decided to do the indiegogo thing.”

As of January 23, 2013 the “I’m Vlogging Here” campaign has raised $43,452 of its 180k goal with 9 days left until it expires.

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