Smosh, Jenna Marbles Hit 7 Million, 6 Million Subscribers Respectively

So it seems like it’s a good day to be a major player in the YouTube game.

Today, the boys of Smosh — Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla — just landed their seven millionth subscriber while attractive funny lady (and NMR’s first ever Prom Queen) Jenna Marbles just pulled down her six millionth. Yeah, everybody in those two camps! (Cue Kermit running and flailing his arms).

Jenna has achieved singularity as the lone female YouTuber at 6 million (and in fact, only Ray William Johnson, Nigahiga and Smosh have ever exceeded this milestone)  by posting 126 videos, whereas Smosh required 275 uploads (numbers courtesy of VidStatsX). So only 1 million less subscribers with fewer than half the uploads is balls out YouTubing at its finest (*cough). Also, considering that there is only one of her compared to the dynamic duo that is Smosh, some might claim that is she is rocking it just a bit harder than the boys.

Sometimes when I hear about YouTubers getting mass amounts of subscribers, I try and imagine what those people look like — specifically the seven millionth person in Smosh’s case and the six millionth in Jenna’s. Unsurprisingly, Jenna’s six millionth subscriber looks a lot like one of the 6 million dummy accounts I created to subscribe to her account. Those Smosh guys though, I only account for 7 or 8 thousand of their subscribers. So good on them for kicking down new barriers in the YouTube game, and for doing it harder and faster than anyone else on the planet

.Apparently we now know the answer to what it is that YouTube enthusiasts want to look at: two silly best friends with badass hair. Also, pretty girls who say funny/dirty stuff. I am none of those things.   

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