Smosh Visits Ray William Johnson For A YouTube SUPERVIDEO [VIDEO]

It’s good to see competitive people can still be friendly.

Smosh, the newly minted number one most-subscribed creators on YouTube, and Ray William Johnson, the former number one — now strong number two (teehee) — have teamed up to make a video for Johnson’s EQUALS 3 channel. And each camp lets the other know just what they think of one another’s video style. Don’t worry, kids — it’s all in good internet fun.

Johnson, for the record, has a sweet right-on vibe in regards to the Smosh antics and constant whoring of their promotional stuff. But Smosh can dish it and take it equally well. Damn, that’s some good hair.

Plus, as it’s a Ray William Johnson post, we get three different and wildly entertaining videos from the dregs of the internet.

It will be curious to see how much of a crossover audience the numbers one and two have, and if there will be a boost in the numbers of this video (as Smosh predicts). Hell, maybe a new superchannel can be created out of all of this?



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