‘Stoned Fox’ Meme is Russia’s Best Export … Next To Vodka [GALLERY]

A great meme just is — you can’t explain what makes it perfect; it just works on levels beyond your comprehension. Typically it is a photo of someone that epitomizes you or something you can relate to, and crosses boundaries to show that you are not alone in the universe. Somewhere not too far away, someone feels exactly like you feel, be it via the awkwardness of the “socially awkward penguin” or the maybe through the too-close-to-home revelations of “first world problems.”

Sometimes the memes aren’t even American. The latest influencer of the cultural zeitgeist is this Russian meme, “the stoned fox,” which takes one woman’s bizarre taxidermied fox creation and turns it into a living, breathing star.The lady, a British taxidermist named Adele Morse originally sold her fox — which she admitted was pretty poorly done, but had “character,” to a private collector for 14,000 rubles ($536). Now it is considered by many to be a national treasure in Russia and was voted the “Best of the Internet 2012” by Russia’s national newsmagazine.

So now we’ve collected a gallery for your amusement, comrades! Fortunately funny is something that crosses language barriers. Of course, it is also a little sad. Hopefully someone doesn’t do this to me when I die …

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