Super-Deep Bass Beatboxer Goes Viral — Can I Get A What-What? [VIDEO]

Whenever I see someone practicing a hobby that has practically no real world applications, I think “Thank fucking God,” because I don’t need any more piranhas in this tank. Meet “BigBen” a 19-year-old beatboxer from Belgium, whose YouTube video has gone viral over the lad’s deep bass voice.

Legitimately, his voice is impressively deep, but the reality of this skill that the young man has been practicing since he was 3 ½, is that people will hear him perform and go, “Ooh, that’s neat. What’s for lunch?” Now certainly the complainers will write in and say, “Do what you love, the money will follow,” or that “Del ‘the Funky Homo Sapien’ has made a pleasant career out of beatboxing” (didn’t know I knew about him, did you?), but let’s be honest with ourselves, people. Imagine how sensible a living that young man could have if he spent that same amount of time, I don’t know, studying world currency charts or learning to play an actual bass? Granted, the number of people worldwide who get paid good money for playing sports or an instrument is tiny, but I imagine the number who get paid to professionally beatbox is a micro-fraction of even that.

Of course, I work at being a scumbag-turned-professional-writer-who-fights-crime-on-a-magic jet ski, so what the hell do I know?