‘The Year in Music 2012’ Has Unearthed A Star in Tasia Ann Thomas [VIDEO]

People always get on my case and say that I am “mean” or that I am “naturally a contrarian and just dislike anything popular.” No, I just have a higher standard of excellence and refuse to let most of the internet get away with passing off shit as “crayzee hiLariOuS.” And to prove it, here is a video that I think we will both agree is fantastic.

This is Tasia Ann Thomas, a 19-year-old athlete who turned to music when scoliosis cut short her track career. Personally, I don’t let the disease stuff factor into my assessment of the video. I don’t give out sympathy votes, and I’m sure Tasia wouldn’t want me to. Not that she would necessarily care — with over 2.5 million views for this video, she’s doing just fine without me.She’s essentially a human turntable here, blending 2012’s biggest hits into one fused song that mostly sounds like it all belongs together. Perhaps this is due more to the generic formula-style techniques that likely go into creating modern pop?I am curious about her ability to bank off this video’s views though, because essentially she has just strung together an entire strand of hugely expensive copyrighted material. The reality is, this will probably just have to be the stepping stone that pushes her towards a recording contract or gives her the exposure to release an original song.

Either way, I love what she did (it’s not often that I will groove to a Justin Bieber song!), and I’m excited to see what she does next. In the meantime, I think I’ll listen to this one again. When you heard I was a “wild one,” you heard right.