Timothy DeLaGhetto Joins 5th Season of Nick Cannon’s ‘Wild ‘n Out’

After a six-year hiatus, Nick Cannon’s “Wild ‘n Out” is getting a new lease on life. The relaunched show will air on MTV2 this year and feature YouTube comedian Timothy DeLaGhetto (aka Traphik) along with many other comedians for its fifth season.

DeLaGhetto has been tweeting updates this past week about his two-week trip to New York City, but didn’t talk about why he was there until this past weekend.

He tweeted: “Special announcement if you didn’t know already, I’m in NYC @NickCannon is bringin [sic] Wild N’ Out back, and I’m on that SHIT!!!”

While it’s unclear about who will join the cast this season, DeLaGhetto tweeted a photo from Instagram with superstar comedian Kevin Hart.

See some of his tweets and Instagram photos from the set of “Wild ‘n Out” below:

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