Tina Fey Wants You To ‘Stop Being So F*cking Boring’ on Twitter [VIDEO]

There are many reasons I love Tina Fey. For one, she rocks the glasses-wearing- awkward-girl look like a pro. She loves cheese. She firmly believes in the power of a good bottle — or two — of wine. But the reason I really love her is she is not afraid to speak her mind. In NBC’s newest YouTube video “Ask Tina: Twitter,” Tina hits us with the cold, hard truth: people’s Twitters are fucking boring.

Now before y’all tweet about how much you hate Tina Fey, you can’t deny the truth of her video. She is a woman of wise words and a deep appreciation for cheddar. I respect that. So Tina, in your campaign to run for License Registrar of Twitter, I wish you luck, and thank you for taking a stand to keep our social media world interesting.