Toddler Forced To Get Tattoo in Mysterious, Controversial YouTube Video

Most companies would never want their products anywhere near controversy, but because an algorithm saw that the viewing numbers were there, Xbox and Microsoft are now advertising sponsors for child mutilation. Smooth move, YouTube.

When I clicked on this video of a screaming toddler being forced to get a tattoo, my initial thought was “Fucking Florida,” but this time, the Moron State (that’s their nickname, right?) is apparently off the hook. Little is known about the brutal vid, but allegedly it hails from Havana, Cuba and the 3-year-old child being forcibly branded is a cult baby (ugh, arguably the worst kind of baby).

According to Gawker (via a Dominican Republic newspaper) there’s this controversial group, the “Growing in Grace International Ministry,” that apparently has a following in the area, and are inking the child with the cult’s insignia as part of their wacky practices. Of course, it doesn’t help matters that the group’s insignia is allegedly “666.” Yup. El Diablo es no bueno.

The video, which is only 39 seconds long and provides no context whatsoever, is thought to have originated on Facebook, though there is nothing on the Growing in Grace Facebook page to suggest this video was released by them as a “Spring Break in Havana” promotional video or anything. So before we go putting embargos on Cuba, let’s calm down and ask ourselves — How can we blame Florida for this?

If you are a fan of tattoos, children and cults, might I suggest that you also check out NMR’s interview with Mega64.



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