‘Toy Story’ Recreation As A Live-Action Film Goes Viral on YouTube [VIDEO]

Two aspiring filmmakers took their love of “Toy Story” to a whole other level by making a low-budget, live-action remake of the Pixar classic that has gone viral since its upload to YouTube a couple of days ago.

It took two and a half years for Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta to develop and film the video, which uses real life actors, toys and sounds from the Pixar classic. They told the East Valley Tribune that they originally wanted to focus on one scene from the movie but decided to recreate the whole film anyway.

Even though it only cost the duo $1,000 to make the video, it didn’t stop them from paying remarkable attention to detail, from making sure the characters’ exact movements were right all the way down to the timing of every scene.

Pauley and Perrotta finished the film last year, but it only made the YouTube rounds this weekend after they got permission from Pixar to share it to the public. Since they uploaded the video on Saturday, the “Toy Story” remake is closing in on 2 million views.

Watch the “Toy Story” remake in its entirety below: