TruthGraphs Tumblr Offers True, Hilarious Takes On The Boring Graph

You know that guy at the bar who always talks about helping the homeless, feeding the less fortunate and donating money to rebuild Haiti? Turns out he’s full of shit, and there’s a chart that proves it.

I can’t vouch for its scientific value, but what I can tell you is that is one interesting Tumblr to check out. Here you can find charts that show that the more Taco Bell you eat, the more you hate yourself. Or, if you’re prepping for that job interview, it’s good to know that the more “ghetto swag” you have, the lower your chances are of getting hired after a job interview.

In a description of the intellectually humorous Tumblr, the blogger writes: “I’m an economics undergraduate sharing (mostly) intellectual humor with the help of X and Y. I post graphs about topics ranging from Spongebob to the 2012 presidential election. Think outside the box, and try to have a good laugh.” proves that you can make statistics (or lack thereof) less uptight and more amusing.