Tumblr ‘Downton Abbeyonce’ Uses Beyonce Lyrics to Give Flair to ‘Downton Abbey’ Broads

Could I have asked for a better Tumblr to be sent my way this morning?

The answer is no.

Readers, there are many things that I have learned since I began working at NMR. I’ve learned cat videos are YouTube’s bread and butter, the origins of ermagerd, and that you can have meaningful conversations by tweeting at your favorite celebrities — though Blake Griffin has yet to respond. He must be afraid of the potential of our great relationship. But the biggest– dare I say the most important — thing I have learned is that to make sweet, sweet internet magic happen all you need are these two ingredients: sassy music lyrics from my girl Lady Beyonce and pictures of stiff English broads from “Downton Abbey.” The glory of it! So a big thank you to the creator of my new favorite Tumblr “Downton Abbeyonce.” Your sweet Photoshop skills have made the world a much better place.


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