TV Star Matt Dallas Announces He’s Gay on Twitter; NMR Weighs the Pros, Cons

So Matt Dallas (damn, I hate when people have cooler names than me), star of “Kyle XY” has just come out of the closet on Twitter. And in the same post announced that he’s getting married. After DeadMau5’s recent Twitter engagement to Kat von D, are we seeing a shift in the way celebs break news? Or is this just media bluster for a slow news day?After Dallas posted a photo of his new fiance, Blue Hamilton (double damn!) — I assume Hamilton is not the dog in the photo, but rather the fit young man sprawled out on the couch, Twitter blew up with congratulations and well wishes. But is Twitter the best way to announce your love for the wand? Hollywood is a tough town, and while being openly gay is more acceptable than ever, there are pros and cons to putting yourself out there so publicly. NMRplays angel and devil over the breaking announcement in order to determine if Dallas made the right move. (Spoiler alert: We’re a pro-new media magazine — he totally did. Congrats, Matt!)


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