Two Girls’ Puppy Wish Goes Viral on Facebook — Take That, Dad!

So I clicked on “2 Girls and a Puppy” expecting … well, don’t worry about what I was expecting, but this was something totally different. But also heartwarming.Turns out these two young girls had their family dog pass away from cancer last year (this hurts my soul — people spending good money to have their pet diagnosed). And their dad, after some cajoling, told the girls they could only have another dog if they got a million likes for their cause on Facebook. He apparently doesn’t know about the wish-granting (also life-destroying) power of the internet because:

It took six hours.

Wielding a piece of butcher paper with the hand-drawn message “Hi world, we want a puppy! Our dad said we could get one if we get 1 million likes (he doesn’t think we can do this!)! So ‘Like’ this!” the girls posted a couple photos on their page, hoping for the best.

Throughout the day, as the “Likes” piled up, the family members took to the page explaining that if they did reach their goal, the puppy would be a rescue dog from a shelter and not some candy-ass dog from a puppy mill. By the end of the six hours, their mom posted the following message:

Everyone pointing out that the profile pic has 700,000+ likes and that that other pic has 300,000+, we’ve just realized that. So wow—they will wake up to find they’ve already reached their goal! Amazing. Dad has a long day of work tomorrow but it seems we’ll be looking before the week’s out. We will post a picture here in thanks!

In addition to a dog, the girls have also achieved their 15 minutes of fame with the story spreading across the nation and culminating (so far) with coverage on “Good Morning, America!” Knowing how we as a nation tend to blow things out of proportion, I think it won’t be long before these girls are guest-rapping on a Flo Rida album and have a line of designer fragrance.

The family is talking about a golden retriever or a black lab, but I bet those girls are kicking themselves that they didn’t make the same deal for a Maserati Quattroporte.

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