Vimeo Adds Content Rating System To Videos, Saves Us All From Countless HR Meetings

Perverts and violence mongers of the world, soon your shame will be known. Well, not really. Video-sharing site Vimeo has actually just rolled out content ratings for creators’ videos. Vimeo is working on making the site more accessible to all audiences, not just those who like a little full-frontal nudity in their video streams.

The content rating will be split into three categories: “All Audiences,” “Not Yet Rated” and the always-salacious “Mature.” No longer will “I didn’t know this documentary about Parisian acrobats would include 20 minutes of naked stretching” be a legitimate excuse now that Vimeo has asked creators to submit their own content ratings.

Vimeo will begin asking filmmakers if there is nudity, violence or illegal substances in their videos and then place content ratings next to the titles accordingly.

A post at the official Vimeo blog explains the rating update while proving why the video site will forever be cooler than its cruel competitor YouTube:

“Vimeo will always be the place to find an audience for your original creative work, but sometimes it means giving people a heads up if a face is going to explode or if someone is going to take their jean shorts off.”

Bless you Vimeo while simultaneously cursing you. Now I can’t use the ole “I didn’t know” defense in the many HR meetings I’ll soon be attending.

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