VP Joe Biden Asks Fake ‘Onion Joe Biden’ A Question on Reddit AMA

So turns out that the real Joe Biden is kind of a Reddit guy.

The Onion, fine paper as it is, hosted a Reddit AMA for their fake Joe Biden — a Joe Biden known lovingly as “Onion Joe Biden.” And the most famous and endearing photo of ol’ Onion Joe is one of him shirtless, washing a Trans Am in the driveway of the White House. And in the midst of this AMA, the real Joe Biden took to his account “Office of VP Biden” on Twitter to post the following: “Q for @reddit AMA with my @TheOnion pal: A Trans-Am? Ever look under the hood of a Corvette? #imavetteguy –VP”

“Onion Joe” apparently didn’t have the gravitas to respond directly, but when asked about Corvettes from a Reddit poster, Onion Joe responded “I think there’s some imposter out there spreading bad shit about me. I’ll tell ya right now, whatever they say nothing can come between me and my Zam.” Hell-fucking-yeah!

And if all that doesn’t sell you somewhat on the real Biden, I grabbed this swank little note from a Forbes article on the same subject:

In a November 2010 New York Times article, writers from The Onion said they received an email from one of Biden’s associates telling them, “Keep it up. He really likes it.” The official White House response was not as enthusiastic. ”Let me get this straight,” White House spokesman Jay Carney told the Times, “You want to interview the vice president about stories about him in The Onion? Well, I’ll give you credit for trying.”

Remember how Al Gore seemed all stuffy and boring when he was running for president, and then afterwards, when he was doing all the “An Inconvenient Truth” stuff, he was yucking it up on Saturday Night Live and The Simpsons? And we were all like, “Hey! Where the hell was this side back before it was too late?” Well this is Joe Biden working his cool before the election. He’s a savvier brand of vice president. Good work my friend. This plus your bold outspoken support of gay marriage might just make you my kind of president in 2016.    

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