Watch This: Dad’s Crazy Reaction After Receiving Surprise Puppy From Son [VIDEO]

Next week, at the 2013 BCS Championship Game at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, Don Buckhannan will be shedding a tear or two as he roots for an Alabama victory. After all, his son gave him tickets to the game, videotaped his reaction, and it became a viral sensation on YouTube.

If you like these precious father-son moments on YouTube, you’ll definitely get a kick out of this new viral video below. Watch as Philip Michaels’ father reacts to his Christmas present when he thought he was only coming out to help with the groceries. Even the cutest Havanese puppy can make a grown man giddy.

Michaels says in the description to the video that his dad’s new puppy was a replacement for their Maltese that had died six months earlier: “Me being the animal lover that I am, I saw this little white puppy sleeping in the corner being ignored by all the other dogs. This is just how I found my previous puppy. I grabbed him, his tail wagged and he reminded me so much of my maltese and I knew he was the one.”


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